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What is La Masseria?”

In the Puglia Region of Italy the masseria is the heart of any large working farm. It’s the building where produce is preserved and where everything, from tools to live animals, is housed. Inspiration for our restaurant La Masseria comes from these ancient farmhouses, where classic dishes utilized the freshest natural ingredients harvested from land and sea.

The 3 Owners of La Masseria Restaurant

Peppe Iuele, formerly co-owner of La Locanda, hails from the famous isle of Capri. “Growing up in Italy, I understood that food was an important way to bring people together,” he says.

Enzo Ruggiero has known Peppe since they were children growing up in Capri. Enzo’s passion extends beyond food to wine. In his childhood his grandfather used to take him to local vineyards where they would stomp grapes to make the family wine.

Pino Coladonato, executive chef and co-owner, met Peppe and Enzo when he was the chef at Sette Mezzo, where he worked for 14 years. Growing up on a farm in Puglia Pino began creating dishes with the few ingredients, often limited to beans, available. Today fava beans, chickpeas and lentils are still a core element in many of his entrées.