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Judith A. Boss is the author of two novels and several short stories as well as five college textbooks, including THiNK and Analyzing Moral Issues, both among the top sellers in their fields. Prior to pursuing a career in academia, she worked as a writer/researcher for the Nova Scotia Museum. After moving to Rhode Island, she continued writing and also taught ethics and logic at the University of Rhode Island. She currently lives in southern Rhode Island with her family.

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"Fall from Grace" A Zoe Delaney mystery

When her beloved Aunt Grace is found dead on the floor of her bedroom, eleven-year-old Zoe Delaney is convinced it was murder. Determined to get to the truth of the matter, and with the help of a journal she finds under her aunt’s bed, Zoe sets out to investigate her aunt’s death.  Her covert investigation soon turns up evidence that her aunt, a highly regarded ethics professor at Rhode Island College, might not have been the person Zoe and others thought she was.  Zoe is forced to face the possibility that, rather than being an innocent victim, her Aunt Grace may have murdered several people  Should Zoe turn her discoveries over to her parents–and the  police–or destroy the evidence and save her aunt’s reputation?

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Interview with local artist Shirley Bell

Since 1983 Shirley Bell has been creating from her home in Jamestown RI. Shirley paints mostly plein air and attributes her fresh, spontaneous painting style to her first  efforts to achieve the correct color and value of her subjects. In 2002, Shirley launched her...

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