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Falling in Love with Newport, RI

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I spent last week in Rhode Island hanging out in Newport (and Middletown)… and I fell IN LOVE. My best friend/college roommate Ella grew up there and she’s been trying to get me to visit her for the past 5 years and now I know why, it’s absolutely magical. I don’t even know where to begin because we had sooooo many fun/scenic/delicious adventures! My heart actually hurts sitting in LA writing this, I would love to move to the east coast someday soon(ish). I should start by mentioning, if you want the full experience (my favorite outdoor shower & all), Ella’s mom actually runs an airbnb out of their adorable farmhouse that I will link HERE. It gets pretty booked out during the summer but fear not, there are a ton of cute airbnbs all over the island. The island is pretty small (we often rode Ella’s Vespa to get around) so you can’t go wrong location-wise but, in my opinion, the closer to Newport the better 🙂


Tour the Mansions

The most quintessential Rhode Island thing you have to do is go see the mansions. We went to go see the outside of Rosecliff and tour the inside of The Breakers. The architecture and landscaping at Rosecliff (above) was stunning and the view of the ocean from the back is incredible.


Watch the sunset at Castle Hill

Another absolute must is going to watch the sunset and get drinks at Castle Hill. The white adirondack chairs on the lawn face the water and it’s so incredibly beautiful (and photogenic). It’s one of the few places where you can watch the sunset over the water on the east coast. Also, if you go past the lawn bar down to the cliff, there an insane view of the coast that’s picture perfect (below).


Visit Sweet Berry Farm

We pulled up to Sweet Berry Farm and Ella said “I could get married here one day” and I’m soooooo into it as a wedding venue. The green, hilly farmland feels like you’re in the UK or the south of France aaaand they had a small sunflower field to pick flowers from so naturally I loved it. There are a ton of delicious snacks and treats from local vendors to buy inside too. It’s all around the cutest!


Hangout at Second Beach

Ella says all the tourists usually go to First Beach but Second Beach is soooo much better (traveling with a local is the best). I can’t explain how much more I enjoyed swimming in the Atlantic Ocean (over the Pacific). The water is warmer, cleaner and tamer, and it doesn’t have a steep drop-off so you can go out farther to swim. Also the beach is just prettier and more scenic (only Malibu and Laguna could even remotely compete). I loooove the tall grass growing through the sand against the wooden fences! It’s so east coast. Get the soft serve and clam fritters (they’re UNREAL) at the snack bar.


Wander around The Wharf

Bannister’s Wharf is area of the wharf near Clarke Cooke House and The Black Pearl and it is so damn cute. I’m about to get into places to eat but either before or after a yummy meal, it’s a great little area to explore! There also a cookie shop called The Cookie Jar where I stuffed my face with cookies aaaaand a dessert shop called Kilwins where I got yummy cake batter ice cream 🙂 Highly recommend.


Take A Bike Taxi

Ella is going to laugh at me for even mentioning this but riding a bike taxi to the bars was some of the most fun I had! There’s something magical about riding through cobblestone streets at night, okay!? They’re all tip-based and they accept Venmo 🙂




The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl has the best clam chowder in New England and, therefore, the best clam chowder in the world. Hands down. No questions asked. It’s also a great spot to hang because it’s super central. Ella worked there every summer from 14-22 (years old) so it was fun going with her because she knows the whole crew. You can eat outside (my personal fave) or inside! If you want to feel like a real local, order a mudslide or a dark n’ stormy.


Clarke Cooke House

I hadn’t had a dinner this bouji in too long and it was incredible. Clarke Cooke House is everything you’d expect from Newport: insanely scenic harbor views, mouthwatering seafood, fine wine, candle light, chic women, suited up men… honestly what more could a girl ask for!? We split a bottle of wine and the Yummy roll from their Summer Sushi Menu and decided between lobsters, chicken penne and buttery fish. It was soooooo good and, more than that, the atmosphere was everything you could ever dream out of a visit to the east coast. I wish I had taken photos but I was honestly so distracted by the beauty! There’s a quick clip on my IG in my Rhode Island highlight if you’re curious. Go for sunset.


Belle’s Cafe

Belle’s Cafe is right near the heart of the Newport shipyard so you can see all the boats and fishermen coming in for lunch! You can’t go wrong with the crab cakes or lobster rolls but honestly their menu is stacked with delicious options.


Midtown Oyster Bar

Coming from an LA gal, the spicy tuna roll at Midtown Oyster Bar was one of the best I’ve ever had. This place is token Newport and great for lunch or dinner for classic New England style meals. Everything is so delish!


Here are a couple other places we didn’t get to eat that are also great:

  • – Salvation Cafe
  • – Corner Cafe (best breakfast)
  • – Perro Solado (Mexican food inside an old colonial home)


If you’re looking for the best night life, know that bars do last call at 1AM so people tend to go out closer to 10PM to get a full night out. Some of Ella’s favorite bars are O’Brians (an Irish pub with outside areas), The Landing (right on the water in Bannister’s Wharf and it has a dance floor) and the Pelham (live music on week nights and it gets lit on the weekend). Other noteworthy bars are 41 North, Dockside and West Deck.

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